Created for A&E Networks/HistoryChannel.com: All the facts you’d ever need to know about the famous orange gourd. From it’s origination in Central America, to a 19th century cure for freckles, to the record set at Delaware’s ‘Punkin Chunkin’ championship, there’s more to this fruit than you may realize.

James Madison

Created for A&E Networks/HistoryChannel.com: Although short in stature and shy by nature, the fourth president of the United States achieved some amazing feats in his lifetime, including co-founding the Democratic-Republican party, out-living two vice presidents, and being the first president to wear trousers instead of knee breeches.

Native Americans

Created for A&E Networks/HistoryChannel.com: Native American hunters used every part of the buffalo in some very interesting ways. Take a tour of all the parts and their uses from horns to tail.

Presidential Superlatives

Created for A&E Networks/HistoryChannel.com: If there were a yearbook of all the men who have occupied the Oval Office, these would be the class superlatives. Which president had a pet wallaby and who was the only one that didn’t speak English in his home? All this and more you may not have heard about our nation’s leaders.

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The Many Moods of Al Capone

Created for A&E Networks/HistoryChannel.com: From underdog to sociopath to philanthropist to security expert, Al Capone led a life more diverse than you may imagine, but just as underhanded.

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Madam C.J. Walker – Entrepreneur

Created for A&E Networks/HistoryChannel.com: Sarah Breedlove was the first American woman to become a self-made millionaire. Born to former Louisiana slaves, this amazing woman created her own hair product company catering to black women, and made a fortune in the process.