65″ LCD displays embedded in scenic ice sculptures show Puck as he navigates his frozen world. As the action intensifies, a ferocious blizzard hits and Puck travels adventurously across a 2400 x 1050 pixel projection wall showing a vast Antarctic landscape. Having survived the storm, it’s time for Puck to venture to the edge of the ice to hunt. As guests dive into the sea for the first time with Puck, the tables are turned and the hunters become the hunted in an exciting underwater chase with a leopard seal displayed on a 50′ x 25′ projection screen. Luckily, Puck is there to save the day by confusing the fierce seal with his reflections in the ice.

In addition to the attraction media, our team provided media to embellish the retail space in the realm, they style guide and character development for retail products and the design for the walkaround character.

In the pre-show, as guests enter the vast frozen wonder of this breathtaking landscape, five perfectly synced and pixel mapped LCD screens and one 12’8″ x 5’6″ rear projection screen display animated media sweeping into the beauty and majesty of Antarctica.

Guests witness the birth of a penguin chick named Puck and continue through the attraction to experience life in the snow and ice through his eyes. Just before loading into the attraction ride vehicles, guests are paid an up-close and personal visit by the now toddler-aged Puck, seen on a 46″ LCD display. Once guests board the ride, vehicles waddle and stumble just like baby Puck as he learns to play with his reflection in the ice.